Carroll Valley Golf Simulator League

Get your winter golf fix with our weekly Golf Simulator League! From January through late March, join us for a convenient indoor golfing experience with a competitive spin. Weekly and seasonal prizes include rounds of golf on the Carroll Valley Golf Course, Golf Simulator time blocks, and Liberty Mountain Resort Gift Cards. Join us now for year-round golf at Liberty Mountain Resort!

Fees & Registration

  • Seasonal League Entry Fee: $10.00
  • Pre Season - $15 for nine holes. Valid for one 9 hole play per week. Weeks start Monday and end Sunday.
  • Regular Season - $20 for nine holes. Valid for one 9 hole play per week. Weeks start Monday and end Sunday. Regular Season includes weekly/seasonal prize pool allocation.

A registration form will need to be completed at the time your Seasonal League Entry Fee is paid. Please visit us at the Carroll Valley Pro Shop or call us at 717-642-8282 x 3003 for more information.

Registration Form


Competitors will play their round any time during the calendar week (Monday thru Sunday), and need to call at least one day in advance to schedule their simulator time. Simulator times are subject to availability. Competitors requesting similar times may be paired up per Carroll Valley Golf management. Depending on the variables and skill level, expect rounds to take between 20-40 minutes. More time may be required if it is necessary to pair you up with fellow competitors.

Image: The simulator computer projects a realistic course on a large screen


We will be playing an Individual Net competition using a Modified Stableford Scoring System. Pre-Season rounds will be used to determine handicap and help competitors become acclimated with virtual putting and chipping. At least one pre-season round will be required from each competitor. During the season — each competitor will be expected to play one nine hole round. The same course and parameters will be used by all competitors during that week. Weekly prizes will be awarded for highest point totals. Flighting may occur depending on total number of competitors and skill levels. There will also be various skill prizes each week. The contests will vary from week to week. Seasonal prizes will be awarded to those scoring the highest total accumulation of points throughout the season. Again, placing and flighting will be determined by number of competitors.

Missed Rounds

Should you miss a round, you have two options:

  1. You may elect to skip the round altogether. If you skip the round, you will receive whatever the lowest point total accrued by a competitor for that week along with a 3 point deduction. For example, if at the conclusion of the week the lowest point total by all other competitors was a 14, you would receive 11 points to put towards your final season total. If there are enough competitors to warrant flighting, your score would then be the lowest score (minus the penalty) recorded by a competitor in your own flight, not the entire field.
  2. You'll also have the option to make up the round at a later date and time, but no later than the conclusion of the season. You will not be eligible for any of the weekly prizes for that makeup week, but your score will still count towards your final season total.

Late Entries

We will accept late entries up through the third full week of the regular season. All late entries must play one “Pre-Season Round” to determine initial handicap. “Season Rounds” will then be made up using one of the two options listed above.


Weekly and Seasonal prizes will be paid out in the following manner:

  • Rounds of Golf at Carroll Valley
  • Time Blocks for the Simulators at the Carroll Valley Pro Shop
  • Liberty Mountain Resort Gift Cards

Registration Form

We hope you can join us for our Carroll Valley Golf Simulator League! Please visit us at the Carroll Valley Pro Shop or call us at 717-642-8282 x3003 for more information.