Image: Three snowboarders in the first class areaYou're properly dressed, you've got the right package, and your rental equipment is ready to go - now is when the fun really starts! In the next hour or so, you'll learn all of the basic skills that you need to get started on a lifetime of skiing or snowboarding fun!

The first thing you will learn is how to put on your skis or snowboard and how to move around on flat ground. This will give you a chance to get to know your equipment and get the feel for sliding around. You will also learn how to climb up the hill and turn yourself around while standing still. All of these skills are presented in a very flat area with a "runout." A runout helps you stop yourself while you are learning.

Next you will learn to slide straight down the hill. Unless you are an ice skater or in-line skater, your brain has been programmed to believe that sliding across the ground while standing up is, as a rule, something to be avoided. It takes a few runs down the hill before your brain figures out that it is not only OK, but a lot of fun!

Image: Skiers and snowboarders at the top of the mountain on a snowy dayYou'll also be introduced to the moving carpet lift. This is the easiest way up the mountain. The moving carpet is just like the conveyer lifts you will find in airports. You will simpy stand on the carpet and it will move you slowly a short distance up the hill. From this point you will get a better idea of what it feels like to slide down the hill.

Once you have mastered "straight runs," your instructor will teach you how to turn your skis. Turning offers two benefits - it allows you to avoid things you do not wish to meet up close, and it allows you to stop whenever you want - both commendable goals. Your rental skis were designed to turn easily so you'll be happily turning in no time. Once you get to the point that you can go where you want to go and stop yourself with confidence, it is time for your first lift ride.

Your First Lift Ride

If you have ever sat on a porch swing, you have mastered the art of loading and riding a chairlift. As you slide out onto the loading area, the chair will come up behind you. When the chair touches the back of your legs, simply sit down and enjoy the ride. There is a safety bar that you pull down in front of you for the ride, please use it. At the top of the lift, you will see signs instructing you to raise the safety bar and prepare to unload. The snow will gradually come up to meet your skis. When you get to the "Unload Here" sign, stand up, lean slightly forward and slide straight down the ramp. Your instructor will give you instructions on where to meet.

Ok, your lesson is complete.

Image: A girl holding a snowboard over her headYou still may feel a bit awkward, but you have to remember that all things good take time and practice. Snowsports can be a very social, exciting, fun, and rewarding activity in the winter months. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please be sure to share them with your instuctor. Our instructors are PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) and AASI (American Association of Snowboard Instructors) certified, and their main goal is to share with you their love of the sport.

After your lesson, your instructor will remind you of the Mountain Passport Offer. This is a great way to continue your snowsports experience at a really great savings. Again, here is the deal...

Your Mountain Passport Card for Ages 8 and over:

This is an exclusive beginner's only card loaded with discounts! For $55*, your Mountain Passport Card will entitle you to:

  • A free All Mountain Package, good your very next visit - a $130 value
  • 40% off all lift and rental equipment each visit for the rest of the season
  • FREE class lessons each visit for the rest of the season
  • This card is valid for the same discounts at all three resorts - Liberty Mountain, Whitetail Mountain and Ski Roundtop!
  • *The Mountain Passport is available for $55 when purchased the same day that the First Class lesson is taken. The Mountain Passport may be purchased for $65 up to two weeks after the First Class lesson was taken. Ask your instructor for details.

You may only enjoy the amazing benefits of the Passport program once in your lifetime... if you have had the privilege of owning a Mountain Passport, are a passholder of any kind, or have been in a previous season, you are not eligible for a Mountain Passport. This applies even if you are changing from skiing to snowboarding or vice versa. Sorry, some things are just too good to do more than once!​

With some practice and some free lessons, you will be well on your way to a lifetime of great winter fun and memories!

We can't wait to see you at the Resort!

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